Increasing Energy Demand

Global energy demand increase is set to be driven by developing economies in Asia, with the region developing new partnerships to ensure robust import diversification. India’s energy demand is forecast to grow 156% by 2040 (BP), the fastest among major economies.

Care for the Environment

The global energy industry continues to take significant steps in reducing emission-intensity; and in line with governmental directives, Indian energy companies are enthusiastically embracing the circular economy and Carbon Capture & Usage Storage throughout their value chains.

Investment in Innovation

The journey to global net-zero will be driven through energy innovation; Many Energy Companies are investing in Indian initiatives, the Clean Energy International Incubation Centre and the Green Growth Equity Fund are fostering the R&D, funding and application of cutting-edge new-energy solutions, bringing together global players to share knowledge and resources.

Modernisation for Optimisation

Modernisation of the global energy industry is being driven by technology, particularly digitisation and AI, as businesses seek to ensure resilience amid uncertainty.In India, digitalisation is being utilised to create greater efficiencies, enhance operating models, and provide energy security through accurate demand intelligence.

Enhancing Production

As a means of ensuring energy security, global energy demand hubs are seeking to bolster imports with domestic production. India continues to pursue international partnerships as it looks to capitalise on its domestic energy resources.

Enhancing Infrastructure

The growing global energy trade, particularly in natural gas and LNG, necessitates huge infrastructure investment. In line with plans for diversification and increased utilisation of natural gas, India is pursuing significant import, transmission, and distribution infrastructure development.

Downstream Efficiencies

Whilst the global refining sector is characterised by consumer-driven uncertainty,Indian refining capacity is set to grow by 5.3%p/a until 2023 (GlobalData), powered by increasing domestic and regional demand for energy products. The country is also rapidly developing its gas-to-power capacity to complement renewable sources.

Energy Transition

In line with decarbonisation and the global transition to net-zero, IOCs and other oil and gas companies are concertedly adapting their portfolios to include renewables, hydrogen, and other low-carbon energy sources. India’s renewable ambitions, allied to its track record for success, make it a key destination for new-energy investment.