As the industry begins its post pandemic recovery, global energy companies will need to address the ongoing challenges of lower oil prices, weak demand, over supply, storage limitations and a fractured workforce environment, at the same time honouring their commitment to transitioning the global energy ecosystem to a more sustainable, lower carbon energy future. So Energy Digitalisation becomes vital.

As India’s energy demands increase, the GEDC Conference will enable the global energy industry to understand the role of India, and the wider South Asian region, on future energy markets. In a post COVID-19 world, India is set to become a key driver for global industry recovery, especially in terms of gas and LNG; the conference provides a platform for global energy leaders to identify and announce partnerships and strategies



  • Government representatives
  • Ministers & Policymakers
  • Oil & Gas and Energy executives
  • CEO’s, Global Business Leaders, Investors and Financiers
  • Commercial & Business Heads
  • VP’s and Commercial and Strategic Decision-makers
  • Technical specialists
  • Engineering, Project management and Procurement teams
  • IT professionals in the energy sector
  • Head IT, CTO, CISO, CIO, CDO of energy companies
  • Department Heads & Staff from various departments in the energy sector
  • Others